HORIZON Series - ME12Z


HORIZON Series - ME12Z

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High Performance Trapezoidal Enclosure for Point Source and Horizontal Array



The ME10V, ME10V wide, ME20V, ME24V, ME12Z, ME6.5S and ME8S systems are equipped with HEPC® (High-End Phase Coherence) filtering technology, which guarantees a perfect sum and powerful, clear and highly intelligible coverage. In the case of the ME10V Line Array system, a perfect sum and a powerful, clear and highly intelligible coverage is guaranteed at distances of up to 70 meters (*). This is a real milestone for a compact, lightweight line array system (24 kilograms per element).

(*) For Line Arrays of eight (8) or more elements. This feature is truly unique, taking into account the extremely reduced dimensions and weight of each Maga Engineering® ME10V Line Array element. In general, each configuration must be dimensioned for the needs of the event, as well as the characteristics of the site and the audience. Maga Engineering® is not responsible for pressure and/or intelligibility losses caused by cross-wind or other external factors.