Maga Engineering® is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-end acoustic cabinets and PA systems in Spain. Our goal is clear and well defined: to produce professional audio systems of the highest performance with unbeatable value for money.

We strongly believe that it is possible to offer premium sound systems at honest prices, without charging excessive mark-ups or incurring in enormous marketing costs. When you invest in a Maga Engineering system, you are betting on a high-level electroacoustic engineering product forged with the most advanced components available.

All our acoustic cabinets are designed from the initial sketch with the aim of offering the best results allowed by state-of-the-art technologies. At Maga Engineering, we only use the best drivers and components in the market. We carry out thousands of laboratory tests to thoroughly evaluate performance, sound pressure and tone quality. Electronics, enclosures, transducers… all parts are carefully assessed so that the whole system works perfectly.

The Maga Engineering® systems are extremely versatile and offer real high-fidelity quality. All our passive filters are crafted with premium electronic components.

The line-array cabinets of our VERTICAL Series (ME10V, ME10V Wide and ME20V) allow for multiple configurations. The ME10V line-array element can be stacked or rigged with extreme ease of operation. It is indeed a highly profitable option for equipment rental companies: with its remarkable flexibility for installation, it can be used to set up all kinds of small- and medium-format events with a single acoustic cabinet model. Despite its extraordinarily small size and light weight (24 kg), it is able to achieve an astounding sound pressure level of 137 dB peak at 1 metre. This reduction in weight and space offers a significant advantage in terms of transport and largely simplifies the rigging and assembly process. This cabinet is available in two versions: the ME10V, with 90° horizontal dispersion, and the ME10V Wide, with 120° horizontal dispersion.

The ME20V line-array element has been specially designed to cover medium- and large-format events. This unit is a 3-way cabinet reduced to 2 ways by means of a high-performance passive filter. It includes two 10” drivers and a 3.5” + 1.75” coaxial driver that guarantees perfect alignment and phase coherence. With a very tight size and light weight (33 kg), it is as manageable and versatile as its younger sibling, and reaches a formidable sound pressure level of 141 dB peak at 1 metre without compromising our trademark timbral quality.

All our line-array cabinets are included in the EASE Focus® version 3 prediction and rigging software.

The combination of the VERTICAL Series cabinets with the SUB Series ME218LEX subwoofer (dual 18”), which attains 140 dB peak at 1 metre, allows for line-array configurations of any size from small applications to massive systems for the most imposing big touring events. For more information, please click here to access our Line-array configurations document (in Spanish).

The ME218LEX subwoofer is included in the EASE Focus® version 3 prediction and rigging software.

The VERTICAL Series also offers the new compact line-array passive column ME46V MKII, whose performance (137 dB peak at 1 metre) and sound quality are so exceptional that may be comparable to the standards of the hi-fi world. The cabinet has 4 x 6.5” and 3 x 1” drivers, and is reduced to 1 way through a custom passive filter.

The wide range of Maga Engineering products includes four high-performance floor monitors in the WEDGE Series (ME12WAX, ME12WX, ME15WAX and ME15WX), several acoustic cabinets for point-source PA and monitor applications in the SPOT Series (ME8SA MKII, ME8S, ME12SA and ME12S) and a high-performance cabinet for point-source or horizontal curvilinear array in the HORIZON Series (ME12Z). We also offer the high-performance sets ME12Z/ME218FH (passive) and ME12Z/ME218FHA (powered), ideal for DJ/CLUB applications thanks to their spectacular sound pressure levels (134 dB peak for the ME12Z and 139 dB peak for the ME218FH and ME218FHA subwoofers).

The SPOT Series models (ME8SA MKII, ME8S, ME12SA and ME12S) deliver a level of performance and quality that stands out as absolutely phenomenal for their small size. Complemented with the 15” (ME115SNDA MKII, ME115SNDME115SNDX) and 18” (ME118SNDA, ME118SND) subwoofers in our SUB Series, these SPOT cabinets work as perfect mini-PA solutions for situations where a traditional line-array system is not necessary, always preserving the pristine sound and high-fidelity timbre that define us. For more details, please take a look at the Maga Mini configurations document available here (in Spanish).

Last but not least, our new BROADCAST Series includes the ME10BA monitor, specifically designed for mixing and audiovisual post-production studios.

Maga Engineering is backed by a team of electronic and acoustic engineers with great command of all the technologies that have historically been used in the manufacture of acoustic cabinets and PA systems. But, beyond that, they are also music lovers who have always disagreed with the notion that large format audio systems will inevitably sound “hard” or “harsh”. Our engineers have developed the acoustic cabinets presented on the Maga Engineering website with the strong belief that a PA system may offer sound clarity levels similar to those in the hi-fi scene, without sacrificing maximum performance and ensuring the best industry specifications. All our products are the result of countless hours of study, experience and laboratory tests to distil the highest possible quality in every case. And, of course, all this happens without ever losing sight of the practical handling and operational features that make life easier for rental and event production companies, which ultimately are the users of our systems.