Maga Engineering® is a company that designs and manufactures extremely high quality acoustic enclosures and PA systems in Spain. At the foundation of the company, there was a clearly defined mission: to manufacture the best possible sound reinforcement systems.

All Maga Engineering® acoustic enclosures are designed, from the initial sketch, to deliver the best results that today’s technology allows. Only the best drivers and components on the market are used to manufacture them. Performance, sound pressure, quality and timbre are studied thoroughly, with thousands of laboratory tests. Electronics, enclosures and transducers, everything is taken into account to offer the best overall performance, as if it were a perfect gear. Behind the Maga Engineering® systems we find what could be called a “superior DNA”.

Maga Engineering® systems offer fidelity levels typical of the High-End world, while being extremely versatile. Two of our hallmarks. All our passive filters are manufactured with high-end MUNDORF® components.

Our Line Array enclosures of the VERTICAL series (ME10V, ME10V wide, ME20V and ME24V) allow multiple Line Array configurations.

The ME10V Line Array enclosure can be staked or flown with extreme ease and offers rental companies a high degree of amortization, as its great flexibility in the assembly allows multiple events of small/medium size with a single model of Line Array loudspeaker. It includes a 10” LF driver and two 0.8” HF drivers. With an extraordinarily reduced weight (24Kg) and size, it offers a high performance that reaches a sound pressure level of 137dB peak to 1 meter. This reduction in weight and space has great advantages in terms of transport and greatly simplifies the rigging and assembly process. It is available in two versions, ME10V with 90° horizontal dispersion and ME10V wide with 120° horizontal dispersion.

The ME20V Line Array enclosure has been specially designed to cover medium/large events. It includes two 10” LF drivers and a 3.5” + 1.75” BMS® coaxial HF driver that ensures perfect alignment and phase coherence. With a very tight weight (33Kg) and size, it achieves an impressive sound pressure level of 140dB peak to 1 meter and maintains the seal of quality and timbre that characterizes us, as well as the manageability and versatility of its “little brother”.

Finally, the last Line Array model of the VERTICAL series is the ME24V, a 3-way “beast” designed for Big Touring events. It includes two 12” LF drivers and a 3.5” + 1.75” BMS® coaxial HF driver that ensures perfect alignment and phase coherence. The overwhelming sound pressure level it reaches is 143dB peak to 1 meter.

All our Line Array enclosures are included in the EASE Focus® version 3 prediction and rigging program.

The VERTICAL series is completed with the ME46V model, a compact line array louspeaker in column format whose sound quality is exceptional, very close to Hi-Fi Hi-End. Consisting of 4 x 6.5” LF drivers and 3 x 1” HF drivers, the louspeaker is reduced to 1-way by means of a custom passive filter.

Combining the VERTICAL series enclosures with the ME218LEX (2 x 18”) SUB series subwoofer, which reach 140dB peak at 1 meter, any Line Array system required can be configured, from the smallest to the largest Big Touring system. In this sense, we recommend reading the document “Line Array Configurations”.

The ME218LEX subwoofer is included in the EASE Focus® version 3 prediction and rigging program.

Maga Engineering® offers within the WEDGE series a high performance floor monitor (ME15WA) and two multipurpose monitor models (ME12W and ME12WA), as well as speakers for point source PA and monitoring applications within the SPOT series (ME6.5S, ME8S and ME8SA) and a high performance acoustic enclosure for Horizontal Array or point source belonging to the HORIZON series (ME12Z). Special mention should be made of the ME12Z/ME218FH (passive) or ME12Z/ME218FHA (self-powered) high performance assembly, ideal for DJ/DISCOTECA applications due to its impressive sound pressure levels (134dB peak in the ME12Z and 139dB peak in the ME218FH and ME218FHA subwoofers).

Likewise, the SPOT ME6.5S, ME8S and ME8SA series enclosures offer absolutely exceptional performance and quality for their size; combined with the SUB ME115SND and ME115SNDA series subwoofers, they form very interesting mini PA systems due to their enormous performance, quality and small size, offering the highest quality solution in many situations where a traditional Line Array system is not required. All this without losing the sound quality and the High-End timbre that characterizes us. In this sense, we recommend reading the document “Maga Mini Configurations”.

Finally, mention the new BROADCAST series, with the ME10BA monitor, specifically designed for audiovisual mixing and post-production studios.

Behind Maga Engineering® is a group of electronic and acoustic engineers who have mastered all the technologies that have historically been employed in the manufacture of acoustic enclosures and PA systems. It is also a group of musicians and music lovers who have always disagreed with the fact that large format audio systems have to sound “hard” or “rough”. Convinced that a PA system can offer fidelity levels similar to those of the High-End without sacrificing the highest performance, Maga Engineering® engineers have developed the acoustic enclosures presented in this catalogue, which are the result of countless hours of study, experience and laboratory tests to offer, in each case, the highest quality product. And all this, without ever losing sight of the practical characteristics of handling and operation that facilitate the work of the rental and event production companies that are, in short, the users of our system.

MAGA ENGINEERING®   State of the Art Sound Systems


The Spanish firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems Maga Engineering® has earned the respect and admiration of numerous artists, sound engineers and professionals in the sector. The sound quality of these systems speaks for itself, and convinces all those who have the opportunity to hear them. Maga Engineering® systems are here to break clichés and put an end to the belief that systems developed in Anglo-Saxon or Central European countries are the best.

Among the professionals who have used Maga Engineering® systems in their actions, we can mention the following:

ARTISTS:  David Bisbal, Ana Belén, Wim Mertens, Jamie Cullum, Robin Hitchcock, Ariel Rot, Marlango, Loquillo, Rosario, Malú, Melendi, Antonio Orozco, Los Secretos, Aurora & The Betrayers, Natalia Lafourcade, Christina Rosenvinge, Subsonics, No Band for Lluvia, Nach, Wöyza, … among others.

DJ’s:  Delorean, Carlos Jean, Brian Cross, Wally López, Danny Ávila, DJ Nano, Doc C, DJ Diablo V, DJ Kuta, Ian Redman, DJ LML, DJ MC Mallorca Lee, … among others.

SOUND ENGINEERS:  José Dalama, José Luis Crespo, Jorge Gómez, Ricardo Gómez, José María Rosillo, Pepe Ferrer, Angel Martos, Mariano García, … among others.

MEDIA COMPANIES:  SBA Radical Sound, La Fiebre Eventos, Grupo Marva, Audiovisuales Fader, Excena Producciones Audiovisuales, Kamikaze Producciones, … among others.