About Maga Engineering

Maga Engineering designs and manufactures quality acoustic systems of superior performance, for top applications in each of the cases. All of Maga’s acoustic housings for installation and touring, from the smallest to the largest line array systems, are designed from the initial sketch to offer the best results technology can offer today. Performance, sound pressure, quality and timbre have been thoroughly studied, with thousands of hours worth of lab essays.

Electronics, housings and transducers, everything has been studied to offer the best performance, as if it was about a perfect gear. We find behind Maga Engineering systems what could be called a “superior DNA”. Maga Engineering systems offer fidelity levels proper of the hi-end hi-fi world, at the same time that they are extremely versatile.

About Us

Behind Maga Engineering there is a group of electronic and acoustic engineers, who master to perfection all the technologies historically employed in the production of PA systems. It is about, as well, a group of melomaniacs, who have always been at odds with the fact that big audio systems have to sound “hard” or “rough”. With the conviction that a PA system can offer fidelity levels similar to the high-end ones, these engineers got to work, performing countless lab tests, without losing sight of all the practical characteristics which facilitate the work of rental and event production companies. That is, a truly reduced volume and weight for each of the systems with an exceptional weight/performance relation, as well as great ease of assembly.