Lenny FurtadoThe Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade performed this past June 24th at the Moby Dick Hall, in Madrid, as part of her European tour. The company Sound-2 used a Maga Engineering sound system composed of 3 side firing ME10V elements and two also side firing 18″ ME118SND subwoofers. Michael Martin was in charge of the mixing.

Lenny FurtadoAlthough four side firing ME10V line array elements were installed, the upper element was unnecessary; On the other hand, given the low ceiling at the Moby Dick Hall, it turned out inconvenient to use it once the majority of the energy was being projected towards the ceiling. Therefore, an 8.000 watts system (three satellites and two side firing subwoofers) was enough to provide exceptional sound quality. The sound amplifying was done in a single PLM 10000Q phase, by Lab.gruppen.