Ana Belén sings to « A los hombres que amé (to the men I loved) » in Madrid´s Teatro Español, with Maga Engineering’s PA.

For five days, from the 12th to the 16th of September, the well know singer Ana Belén, will offer the public in Madrid the possibility of enjoying her last release « A los hombres que amé (to the men I loved) », that emerges as homage offered by the actress and singer to the main players that have influenced her long and well know career in a decisive way.

The concert will be played through our PA systems and will be mixed for the public by our good friend José Luís Crespo, a great sound engineer who you all know for his long and successful professional career. 

We wish all of you who are part of both the technical and the artistic teams all the luck in the world, we hope it will be a great success.