On Sunday May 8th, took place the 8th Carrera de la Mujer de Madrid at the El Retiro Park, with 20.000 participants. Later, there was a party with David Civera and a fitness class taken by a multitude.

vThe sound system and technical production were provided by Porto Sonorizaciones and Sound-2, using Maga Engineering equipment. Additionally, a demonstration was offered to professionals at the site a day prior to the race.

This event, promoted and sponsored by Central Lechera Asturiana, which also counts with an array of important sponsors, aims to promote sports and healthy practices in general, although its main focus is the fight against breast cancer, in particular. The participants covered a distance of 6.5 km, with the start and finish lines at the Paso de Coches in the El Retiro Park in Madrid. Maga Engineering has provided, among other products, its ME10V system through Porto Sonorizaciones and Sound Dos for the party that took place after the race. With a performance by David Civera it was attended by nearly 10.000 people.

ME10V Line array at the party

The two companies in charge of the sound system and technical production used the mentioned ME10V system to cover the wide range of people. One PA with 8 elements was enough for subwoofers. It was the perfect occasion to demonstrate the relation between size/weight/performance of this line array, complemented by eight 18″ ME218SND subwoofers. This system has a 3.000 watts capacity, supplied in Lab.gruppen phases, PLM series.

On the other hand, the ME10V line array has been recently catalogued in the EASE focus, a software for calculus and prediction.

The great density of capacity of the ME10V, in a housing weighing only 52 lbs. and reduced size allows rental sound system companies to reduce significantly the assembly time, as well as the necessity for space for transportation and storage.

Maga Engineering also invited several sound system professionals to the demonstration which took place on Saturday, May 7th, for the purpose of listening to the equipment in a private manner, at the same Paseo de Coches in the El Retiro Park.

This was the perfect open air environment and without limitations of acoustic pressure, where the guests were able to get to know and hear better the ME10V line array. They also listened to the double 18″ ME218SND subwoofers as well as the multipurpose ME12WA.

Location: Parque El Retiro