lavozMaga Engineering: “La voz” monitors. The participants, the jury and the musitians of tele 5’s “La Voz” who have become the TV hit of the season, have the support of the highest quality monitoring. We are talking about Maga Engineering’s ME12WA models.

It is rare to find sound reinforcement products that offer the transparency and the levels of quality of top of the range hi-fi. However, this reality is given in Maga Engineering’s ME12WA models.

In total, 12 units of this multi-purpose speaker have been incorporated to the plato of “La Voz”. During the qualifying rounds of the program we saw five ME12WA units as floor monitors for the participants, while the rest were shared between the program’s jury/”coaches” and the musicians who accompany the acts.This way, the ME12WA are ultimately the “ears” that help the participants in a moment of great emotion and nervousness. They are the reference that accompanies the musicians and the jury.

For all of the above, it was important that the chosen monitors offered a pleasant, very transparent sound with a truly full-range frequency response.

But the ME12WA goes much further. It is a very versatile auto-amplified box, with two stages of 300W in next generation class D and internal processing. It can be used as PA vertically and as a wedge monitor horizontally, thanks to the 90° x 75° rotating treble diffuser. Four presets can be chosen by the user, which have been carefully programmed in the Maga Engineering’s lab. Specifically, two of these presets are designed for the use of the ME12WA as a wedge monitor; one of them consists of a flat optimised response for voice and the other preset consists of a highly effective feedback suppressor. For the use of this acoustic model as a PA system there are another two presets: full range and short at 100Hz for its use with subwoofers. 

The heads of Maga Engineering have claimed: “In the Spanish sound reinforcement sector there are those who still believe that what comes from outside is better. However, Maga Engineering has come to show that this is no longer true. The Maga Engineering products are designed here, and have excellent sound and total reliability as their main objectives. We feel proud to have achieved these objectives in each one of the products of our current portfolio, after hearing the opinions of the professionals who have had the opportunity to test them in programs like “La Voz” and other first class applications. 

The Maga Engineering products are distributed in Spain exclusively by Neotécnica, which is also the distributor of first class brands like AKG, Avid Venue, Focal Professional and Neutrik, as well as others.

Location: TV Channel, Tele 5